Recipe for Awesome: One Part Bruce Schneier + One Part Trope + One Part Geekery

Posted on March 12, 2012 by


Bruce Schneier is a cryptologist. Bruce Schneier is his own trope. Bruce Schneier is also a geeky hero, triumphing with the mighty power of his little gray cells over the brawny exploits of Chuck Norris.

If you’ve never checked out, run right over and do it. Then come back here, because if you don’t, Bruce Schneier will decrypt the entire body of work housed in Criminology and spill the beans on our very worst secret – that there will never be a general unified theory of crime.

We know, we know. Bruce Schneier is not a criminologist. But as a cryptologist, we still think he’s pretty cool and he gets honorary membership for a day.

(Bruce Schneier told me that if I didn’t give him membership, he would whisper code in my ear that would rewrite this blog in cipher on the strength of his voice alone.)