The Compelling, Tragic, and Profound Twitter Stream of #Ididnotreport

Posted on March 18, 2012 by


What is the dark figure of crime? Criminologists often use this term to describe the crimes we don’t know about. These are the crimes that are unreported, not investigated, not known, not punished. While all types of crimes are found in the dark figure of crime, violence against women may be the single most important issue in unreported crimes, and #Ididnotreport seeks to expose the problem for women around the world.

How can you count crimes that no one talks about? How can you analyze something that is invisible in nature? How can you comfort a victim who is forever silent?

The project can’t solve all of these problems, but it does shed some light into the dark recesses of unreported violence against women. The twitter feed for @Ididnotreport1 is at once compelling, tragic, and profound. It offers up the stories of women who have been harassed, abused, and assaulted.

These are stories of victims who could not report their crimes, and thus could not find a voice in official statistics, comfort from victim service providers, or justice from the courts.

What is our responsibility to these victims? And how do we meet it?