The FBI’s 2011 3Q Stats on Bank Robberies and Loot — Yes, Loot

Posted on April 6, 2012 by


Does it strike you as odd that the FBI uses the term ‘loot’? It does me. I mean, it’s such a goofy word, loot. It conjures up five-year-olds pretending to be pirates on the playground, right? Is this some kind of weird Kindergarten Cop reference?

No? You don’t find it funny?  Just me then, again. OK, I’ll go crack myself up in the corner over here while you enjoy the shiny new numbaz from the recently released 2011 third quarter bank crime statistics for federally insured financial institutions.

Say what now? Numbaz? It makes data more fun. Funner, even. Oh? I see. Fine. NUMBERS. Do you ever have any fun at all?

Ah, rural living. It has its good sides. Aside from the fact that there’s nothing to do, of course.

So it looks like all those spaghetti westerns were accurate after all. The west really is wild. Support your local sheriff?

Hey, I spy with my little eye… a hidden Mickey! A really costly one!

Wow, those bad guys sure did make off with a lot of loot. Oh, there it is again: LOOT! Who knew the FBI data nerds had a sense of humor? Er, at least, I hope they do. The numbers all come from the FBI, but the wacked out infographics are all our fault. There are so many shiny buttons to press! And some days get lonely at the CrimeDime compound, you know?

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