CrimeDime April 2012 Roundup

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CrimeDime had a great month. Not only did we redesign the site, we also watched CrimeDime grow with many new visitors and followers. Thanks to our readers for helping to make this a great site with interesting discussion in the comments. In case you missed it, here’s what we covered in April.

April includes National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, and we covered a number of victim issues. With a focus on violence against women, we wrote about the new tribal provisions in the Violence Against Women Act, what men can do about rape, and Ira Einhorn’s connection to Earth Day. Uncovered Artistry told us about their work, while Hollaback! provided an app to respond to street harassment. A restaurant in Georgia gave a great example of What Not To Do by naming a burger as a joke about Chris Brown’s violence against Rihanna.

Law enforcement was on our minds as we considered whether or not the obesity of cops and criminals mattered very much, why even innocent people should not give statements to police, and whether or not you have to give your name to police. Two cases, one involving police confiscation of a very generous tip and the other about handcuffing small children, showed the importance of scrutinizing the actions of law enforcement as agents of social control.

Prisons are always on our minds, especially because of the terrible problem of mass incarceration in the United States. James Reynold’s photo essay on last meal requests provided food for thought, as did Bruce Western’s recent work on the connections between crime and incarceration rates.

As data nerds, but more importantly, professionals who care about discussing crime with as much empirical evidence as possible, we covered a number of crime statistics. The FBI released bank robbery numbers, and we took a closer look at who crime victims are by demographic variables and victim-offender relationship. So you think statistics are boring? Check out the data on marijuana arrests, or go play with FBI Uniform Crime Report stats on Google’s easy public data tool.

While the US Supreme Court was on the receiving end of our irreverence, in our serious moments we considered guns and gun culture, the interaction between crime and the media, Charles Manson, how bullying is connected to genocide, and, finally, an inside look on what it was like to write Forensic Psychology for Dummies.

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