CrimeDime May 2012 Roundup

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You might have celebrated Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You – get it? get it?), Towel Day, or Geek Pride Day.

Or maybe you just geeked out on CrimeDime. We hope you did, but in case you missed something, here’s what happened on CrimeDime in May.


Victimization was the major theme of the month.  We asked who knows when kids are victimized, what does injury and violence prevention look like, what is the truth about abuse, and even contemplated how The Hunger Games could be used to teach violence prevention.

We went more in depth by examining the dark, victim-blaming side of victim advocacy, and interviewed the founders of the American Society of Criminology’s new Division of Victimology. The record-breaking deposits in the Crime Victims Fund was hard to miss. Too, we considered the plight of the anonymous homeless woman, and the contrasting public tragedy of Marissa Alexander’s case in a series.

For the academics, we contemplated how social science is changing policing, the nature of gang research, and the ways in which American and European scholars define criminology.

Ever demanding in the quest for the best use of science, we took a swipe at the misuse of forensic science, and blasted the recent Maryland ruling on the use of forensic DNA while thinking about how and when juvenile sex offenders should be polygraphed.

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Jail populations were worth a little fun with graphs, and, ever-vocal about the right to free speech, we didn’t hesitate to point out how TSA pat-downs meet the definition of sexual assault or that breed-specific dog bans are stupid. (Stupid is not one of the 7 words you can’t say in a blog post. See? Free speech, right there.)

It wasn’t all serious though. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Zeddie Little, made an appearance, as well as a l’il book spine poetry.

What kinds of dimes will we drop in June? Stay tuned. We have to jog around the compound a few times, hoping to shake those silvery ten-cent pieces out of the holes in our pockets. They’ll settle in the dust, then we go on a little hunt for the sparkling ones. Kind of like Easter, only not. Margaritas, also, play a key role, along with solitaire tournaments and a monthly high-stakes tic-tac-toe showdown.

Hope it doesn’t all come out sounding like a lizard reciting Shakespeare through bubble gum.

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