What Does Internet Safety Month Mean?

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Image: Screenshot of NCJRS page on internet safety

June is Internet Safety Month, but I have to confess, this is a public awareness campaign with a pretty scattered message.  The internet, which I once surfed and played on using ftp, gopher, y-talk, and pine, is now a behemoth. It has so many parts and is used in so many different ways, that trying to come up with a single marketing message is an effort predestined to fail.

Here are some things it might mean:

  • Choose wisely when shopping online, and use reseller ratings before giving your credit card information to an unknown company.
  • There is no one, I repeat no one, in Nigeria or any other country that just wants you to help move millions of dollars into the country legally. Trust me, they are out to get your money.
  • Any victim of domestic violence, stalking, or any other crime in which the offender may be using the internet should learn how to take a screen shot to document evidence.
  • While you should talk to your kids about strangers who may want to solicit them sexually, it’s far more important to talk to them about how the people they know and trust in real life may hurt them.
  • Anti-virus software to protect your computer is a must.
  • When choosing your passwords, don’t use something like “password” or “12345” or anything that might be socially engineered out of you.

That’s just a quick list off the top of my head – what would you add?


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