CrimeDime June 2012 Roundup

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Ah, June. It is the half-way point in our calendar year, the midway benchmark that reminds us that we gave up on most of our New Year’s resolutions by the end of March and started seven new terrible habits by the end of April.

June is sunshine and happiness, rainbows arching over unicorns who dance to the mellifluous soundtrack of the early morning lawn-mowing fanatics.

It is the host to the summer solstice, that date on which we begin to lose a few minutes of sunlight each day, shedding not only precious outdoor reading time but our hope and sanity as we begin the long, slow descent into the mad darkness of winter solstice.

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June, in addition to everything else, was a rockin’ month on CrimeDime.

We ran a wildly popular series by BitcoDavid at with four articles. First answering the question of what challenges Deaf inmates face, the series also tackled how prisoners are treated by correctional officers, other inmates, and why the Americans with Disabilities Act is virtually useless to the Deaf inmate.

Age and crime are complicated issues that we considered in the problem of child victims who cross over into juvenile offending, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and the heartbreaking abuse of bus monitor Karen Huff Klein. We also suggested reasons that Sandusky’s victims, now adults, took the stand to testify about the abuse they experienced as children.

As always, there’s work to do in the domestic violence field. We criticized the use of Amber Alerts in family abduction cases, as well as the White House campaign ‘1 is 2 Many,’ while shedding a little light on the question of protection orders across state lines.

Ahhhh, beach reading. Image: CrimeDime

It turns out that human error really can interfere with fingerprint analysis, and contemporary drug policy played a key role in the bath salt zombie cases. Cops can, in fact, dance without destroying the public trust, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to work harder on criminology’s race and ethnicity research agenda or better defining the vague Internet Safety Month campaign.

Before you head out on that summer vacay, or snuggle up in your hammock for a lovely stay-cay, consider the problems faced by crime victims on cruise ships, and arm yourself with some outstanding fiction and non-fiction summer beach reads.

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