CrimeDime July 2012 Roundup

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Ah, July.

That time of year thou mayst in me behold dripping sweat, vacation zen, and glacially chilled iced tea.

It’s when we ponder the legality of lemonade stands, and wonder if we can send the cops after those kids whose grimy hands may have given us dysentery.

It’s also when we fire up the barbecue, and discuss, patriotically, the nature of rebellion, treason, and crime as they relate to our national history. And while no one with any social skills will bring muffins to a 4th of July picnic (APPLE PIE, folks!), there was still plenty to say about the sad story of muffingate and how it is still harming your community. Oh, and God. And the child abuse in the name of God thing.

We got all ponderous and academic-y about crime and media literacy, as well as media effects and meanings. The nerds down at the CrimeDime compound thought they had won the world elections when The New Jim Crow made the Times’ bestseller list, but in reality, there was no world election. (Don’t tell them that. It would be like stealing a binky from a baby. Crying might be involved.)

July was also a big home improvement month around here, though we didn’t go to Home Depot to get our posts on prison reform, improving the police, or what works for juvenile offenders. We were also delighted with advances in research on the nature of violence against the elderly, and fresh data on sexual assault in correctional facilities.

No, sirree, Home Depot still remains the place where you can go to contemplate the nature of light bulbs, cabinet handles, and paint mixing.

Though, if a fight breaks out in aisle five (nails, people, nails), maybe some violence interrupters can help. But if someone is picking walking around texting, don’t call the police. Call in private security instead? But only if you see Robert Agnew. He might have been experiencing a little strain.

I have just the cure for that, right here in my big picture of iced tea (dysentery not included). And if you don’t go for that, how about lemonade? No, I won’t make you an Arnold Palmer. That’s just gross. But we can certainly negotiate for a special kind of iced tea, the particular mix that hails from Long Island…

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