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Oooh Baby Baby It’s a Mean World: Revisiting the War Between Media Effects & Meanings

July 25, 2012


In my last post, I focused on the interconnections between crime coverage in news media and the media literacy skills that audience members should possess. I did so by interrogating some of the findings presented in an infographic compiled by Infobia, which were made available on this blog by CrimeDime. In that post, I focused my attention on the […]

Crime, News, And Media Literacy

July 11, 2012


Back on April 12, CrimeDime shared an infographic from Infobia. In that post CrimeDime noted that, “The relationship between crime and the media has never been great — and by ‘never been great’ what we really mean is news reporting about crime wildly misrepresents actual crime.” In this post, I’d like to explore this claim in a bit more […]

Dissecting Dexter’s Discourses: Exploring TV Crime as Artform and Argument

March 20, 2012


It is with great interest that I have read the posts by CrimeCents and crimineepery about the television program Dexter (2006-present). I always find it interesting to read about the ways that the medium provokes responses filled with a sense of emotion. CrimeCents rhetorically asks, “Why can’t I just willingly suspend my disbelief and enjoy the show like everyone else?” Russian […]