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Restaurant Misses the Point with Rihanna and Chris Black and Bleu Burger Debacle

April 9, 2012 by


A restaurant in Watkinsville, Georgia recently added a completely tasteless item to their menu: a “black and bleu” burger  inspired by Chris Brown‘s violence against Rihanna. While this is a mistake that most people would never make, this particular restaurant was not only dumb enough to do it in the first place, but to continue […]

Hollaback! Has an App to Encourage Bystander Intervention in Street Harassment

April 4, 2012 by


Hollaback’s website asks a provocative question: “What’s worse than being street harassed? Being street harassed while surrounded by a bunch of strangers who could have done something, but didn’t.” Hollaback! describes itself as “a movement dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology.” To do this, they use an innovative approach that blends 1 part […]

James Reynolds’ Last Suppers Photo Essay Offers A Cafeteria-Style Look at Capital Punishment

April 2, 2012 by


Fried chicken. A doughnut and a milkshake. Several bottles of Coca-Cola. An assortment of tropical fruits. These were the last meals of death row inmates recreated by a graphic artist, James Reynolds, in the United Kingdom in a series titled Last Suppers. What do these images say to you? To me, they speak not only […]

CrimeDime March 2012 Roundup

March 31, 2012 by


We had a lot to say in March, covering everything from Dexter to Trayvon Martin.  In case you missed it, here’s what we wrote about this month. March started with How Others See Me, a whimsical look at the popular meme and what people think criminologists (might) do. This post has been far more popular […]

Geraldo, Trayvon’s Hoodie, and the Rape of Mr. Smith

March 24, 2012 by


Geraldo Rivera‘s comments about hoodies and the death of Trayvon Martin are as odious as they are familiar. Blaming victims is nothing new. Blaming victims for their wardrobe choices is also not new. Here is some of what Rivera said: I am urging the parents of Black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their […]

Dissecting Dexter’s Discourses: Exploring TV Crime as Artform and Argument

March 20, 2012 by


It is with great interest that I have read the posts by CrimeCents and crimineepery about the television program Dexter (2006-present). I always find it interesting to read about the ways that the medium provokes responses filled with a sense of emotion. CrimeCents rhetorically asks, “Why can’t I just willingly suspend my disbelief and enjoy the show like everyone else?” Russian […]

Female Serial Killers Are Not “Lethal Ladies”

March 13, 2012 by


A new article titled “Lethal Ladies: Revisiting What We Know About Female Serial Murders” is in Homicide Studies by Farrell, Keppel, and Titterginton. It’s a good article. And I get the need to draw people in with catchy titles, even in an academic journal. But language matters. My problem with the titling of this article is the […]