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I Have a (Woman) I’m Very Protective Of: What Can Men do to Stop Rape?

April 25, 2012 by


“I have a  Sister. Mother. Aunt. Wife. Cousin. Daughter. Girlfriend. Grandmother. Friend. Coach. Teacher. Neighbor.  and I’m very protective of her.” How many times have you heard a man say this sentence? And isn’t the context of the conversation usually intimate partner violence, sexual assault, or violence against women in general? Men say this to […]

Interview: Uncovered Artistry Supports Survivor Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

April 17, 2012 by


It’s no secret among victim service providers that funding is down and supporting victims of domestic violence requires ever more creative approaches. Uncovered Artistry offers a unique option that simultaneously provides economic and empowerment support to survivors of intimate partner violence. We interviewed Sarah and Angie to learn more about their work. CD: How did you […]

“That’s My People” and VAWA Tribal Provisions

April 13, 2012 by


The Department of Justice does not exactly have a rep on the interwebs for hosting awesome video content. Not surprisingly, this public service announcement was not actually created by DOJ. Good thing, too, because if DOJ ever creates a video I actually like, it’s gonna seriously mess with my current paradigm. Tribal justice remains hard […]

Restaurant Misses the Point with Rihanna and Chris Black and Bleu Burger Debacle

April 9, 2012 by


A restaurant in Watkinsville, Georgia recently added a completely tasteless item to their menu: a “black and bleu” burger  inspired by Chris Brown‘s violence against Rihanna. While this is a mistake that most people would never make, this particular restaurant was not only dumb enough to do it in the first place, but to continue […]

The Compelling, Tragic, and Profound Twitter Stream of #Ididnotreport

March 18, 2012 by


What is the dark figure of crime? Criminologists often use this term to describe the crimes we don’t know about. These are the crimes that are unreported, not investigated, not known, not punished. While all types of crimes are found in the dark figure of crime, violence against women may be the single most important […]

Neutrality is Not an Option in Violence Against Women Claims

February 29, 2012 by


“Do you have a minute?” The voice is intense. “Can I ask you a question?” A hand is often laid on my arm, as if to implore me to say yes. In this line of work, the topic is never easy. No one wants my restaurant recommendations. “My friend just died. He beat her up […]